Sunday, June 12, 2005

abay yaar

So I succumb to the blog again. There's a night match going on right in front of my apartment and the noise is more than enough to keep the oldies awake. I wonder how the authorities allowed them to do this. I remember when I was in my mid teens we had a night match just like this one INSIDE our Wajid Square. Yea I remember it, all the windows had to be covered well and there was a commentary team, which made a perfect parody of how Michael Holding speaks. It was fun regardless of the fact that I got out on the very first delivery…ahh well at least I got to open the innings. I’m such an optimist. Later on, I bowled really well like I always do and kicked the shit out of the opposition like I always do and got swept off by compliments….oooohhh….lovely feeling and I’m so used to it haha.

While I was writing this blog, the lights went out and I thought I’d have to write this all over again but thank God I write my stuff here in Microsoft Word before I paste it in the HELLO window (yeah I’m still using it to post here). Word auto-saved all this before I had to suffer that 30 min long power failure. I love Microsoft. I mean look at those guys, churning out unbelievable pieces of software every now and then. So what if it’s a monopoly? I love it! And so do most normal people. I love it more because I get to use tons of software for RS 25 per piece hahaha…I wonder what Uncle Bill might have say about that.

My cell phone credit has now been reduced to 60 within the last 7 days; it was about 200 before that. Why? Well I’ve been making international calls and sending text messages to Saudia. Hey this reminds me of something…have you ever made calls of RS 20000 in a day? I have :D wooooohhhhhoooooo!!…it was an accident actually, partly due to my stupidity. I was trying to update the virus definition files of Norton Antivirus at a time when I didn’t have an internet connection so I just decided to all that through a direct connection their system in the US. Before trying this whole thing out, I asked Kashif Bhai(my cousin) whether this will cost me anything or not. He said “No, it’s a toll-free number”. Thank you Kashif Bhai for that information. I was too young at that time to have any idea what that means but the word “free” always sounds good. So I dialed the number and got connected without any problems whatsoever but maintaining the connection turned out to be slightly harder than I thought. I got disconnected again and again and again and I reconnected again and again and again. But never got my updates completely. But the telephone department was efficient enough. They got shocked actually and sent a man to especially inquire about the call made. My dad talked to him outside and came back in with a worried and puzzled look on his face. He informed us about the situation and lightning struck me. Yeah I blew it totally I know…I don’t know how but I told my dad that maybe it was due to those calls that I had made earlier to keep our Antivirus software up-to-date. After listening to my story, he said nothing and quietly walked away. Seriously man I thought I was totally fucked up at that point but thank God my dad quietly paid the bill, never discussing that incident again…and I survived.

Telephone calls of RS 20,000 in one day!!….hahahaha!!….God I hate myself!

PS: Isn’t that a world record?

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  1. wow...niiice dad i guess..damn..i think it def. is a recorD!...:P n 0o0ohhhhh credit from 200 to 60....achey hi kaam ke liye use hua thaa..! :P lol...