Friday, June 17, 2005

Bhen or Bhan(Bhain)

Every word in this post is 100% true so don't you dare think that I'm a bad guy or a "buray type ka ladka". Truth is bitter. It's simple.

"BHANCHOD, BHANCHOD, BHANCHOD!!...." This is what you get to hear every now and then from the mouth of every other guy...

Random guy: Allad bhanchod kya maara hai (cricket/football/snooker....etc).
Random senior guy to newbie: Bhanchod tum tou acha khelnay lagay ho.
Random guys on a bench at night: Bhanchod Afridi ka chayy dekha tha?
Random cheap boys on the road: Bhaaaaaaaaannnnchooooood bachi dekh!
Random retired man: Bhanchod ye light ko bhi abhi jaana tha :@

This historic word has its importance and its own place in the society. It's used in more ways than one...from the burgers to the mailaas, the word is used by all classes of people to express different emotions. It's almost as effective as the word FUCK, extremely flexible. I even had an 80 year old math teacher who said "Bhanchod ye ghalat kia hai tumne....Bhanchod dimagh kharab hogya hai.....Bhanchod ye kya ker rahay ho.....". And this one time when I was solving a question with him, we heard news on CNN that Saddam Hussain is caught. His reaction was, "Bhanchod pakda gaya sala..." (he said this in front of his son and his 13 year old daughter). It was extremely difficult to control my laughter at that time. That's probably why I usually fail math because whenever I sit down to solve the paper, the only word I hear myself saying is, "Bhanchod aaj bhi fail...." & the nerds are saying, "Bhainchod yaar mushkil paper banaya tha yaar miss ne yaar yaar yaar....". Khair that was not the point. The alarming fact is that now this historic word is gaining immense popularity among girls!! Yes I said GIRLS! Come on yaar its almost common now. I mean we all know they nomally say things like fuck you, ullo ke pathay, kuttay kaminay jangli, ullo, pagal, chichoray, badtameez, tumharay ghar mein maa behan nahin hain kya, khabees, stupid, duffer, or even CHAY, they call each other kutti sometimes, and the most popular line ...main us type ki ladki nahin hoon but bhEnchod???...that's a first. Just the other day one of my girl friends decided to take a ride on a rather dangerous roller coaster. I was the one actually who compelled her to take the risk, otherwise she was rather reluctant to try it out. Later on, when we were going downhill at a screaming velocity, she used the following words to curse me and everybody around me, "BhEnchod!...BhEnchod!...bhenfuckingchod..BHeNCHOD!! fucking bhEnchods, you all are fucking BHeNCHODS!!!" eh? :p

A scene from a girl's night-spend (sleepover)
Random girl: "Bhenchods let me sleep yaar"

Furthermore, the girls have made the word unique in their own way...they spell it differently:
Boys say: BhAnchod or girly boys say BhAInchod but....
Girls say: BhEnchod....just pure fucking BhEnchod.

Its a sad state of affairs...I love it...... mwuhuhhahahaha

bhanchod I'm totally losing it...I'm going to sleep.


  1. HAHAHAHHAHAH Athar seriously that was soooooooo fucking funny !!! Behanchoooood kia baat likheee hai athar bahi ney haha !!1

    Yea that word is too common ... heard that song ... 'Behanchood awa behanchood tereee ankhion key tarey boley bainchuuuuud'


  2. oh shit... I forgot to include the third type of spelling, "behanchod"

    the "elite" type :p

  3. guria2:14 AM

    oMG this is sommm funny sh**....hahahah...aweeeesome!!!!*continues laughing!!!* ! :P