Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I soooo wanna write something but I've been artificially busy. Which means that I feel this pressure all the time to work and I tell myself "DUH! dumbass can't you see you're working already!" but sadly at the end of the day...I seem to have achieved nothing...and yet feel tired. I love

"Silsilayyyyy yaadon ke totain nahin..." ARRRRGHHHH I CAN'T GET THIS FRIGGIN SONG OUT OF MY HEAD!!...People from our college have done a great job I must say. I had no doubts about Tahir's singing abilities and this time he's really proved that without a little more work...he can easily become "the next big thing". Somair Rizvi has done a wonderful job as the composer, lead guitarist and lyricist. The video looks hot and CBM looks amazing!!...Tahir looks like Atif and Somair should've said something like "I'LL BE BAAK" to complete the Terminator image he has projected. Its a funny feeling seeing your very own friends turn into celebs in front of your eyes. Tahir is so down to earth!!...I mean he's an amazing singer and I've seen people act like Icons for less. We met yesterday & I hugged him so hard the poor kid almost threw up haha. I've seriously become his fan and honeslty he's the only one after Furqan Bhai who has impressed me with his vocals (ONLY ONE as in...people I know).
The video can be downloaded from (direct link to the higher quality download...its about 16 megs)

This whole play was shot in CBM just before the Summer session.

I've just seen a really dumb blog and I don't feel writing anything else except...; PEOPLE CHILL! EVERYBODY HAS PAINS IN LIFE BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ONE YOURSELF! LIVE AND LET LIVE! IF YOU THINK THE WORLD HAS TURNED ITS BACK ON YOU, THINK AGAIN YOU ASS! YOU JUST MIGHT'VE TURNED YOUR BACK TO THE WORLD! ...hanso gaao muskuraao....kya pata....ooohh pata hai na?? ;)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last month

Sheesh...I look weird...:$

September was tough but great…I had to work my ass off for a skit which in the end was nicely performed in front of about 300 people at college. We won the first prize for it. Me and my team also ended up 2nd in the quiz competition…quite contrary to what we had expected. I also got into the dramatics society because of the whole skit thing we did. Finally, it was the last night of the 10 year celebrations on 1st October. It was fun…if you ignore the quality of the dinner served that is. Strings sounded great…but I have no idea why they invited Shazia Khushk. Everybody thought Moin Akhtar was going to be funny like always but shock of the century…he walks on to the stage and starts singing his own version of Dil Dil Pakistan!...I saw a few people puke right there. Fun’s over…mid-terms about to start…time to study…gotta go.