Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last month

Sheesh...I look weird...:$

September was tough but great…I had to work my ass off for a skit which in the end was nicely performed in front of about 300 people at college. We won the first prize for it. Me and my team also ended up 2nd in the quiz competition…quite contrary to what we had expected. I also got into the dramatics society because of the whole skit thing we did. Finally, it was the last night of the 10 year celebrations on 1st October. It was fun…if you ignore the quality of the dinner served that is. Strings sounded great…but I have no idea why they invited Shazia Khushk. Everybody thought Moin Akhtar was going to be funny like always but shock of the century…he walks on to the stage and starts singing his own version of Dil Dil Pakistan!...I saw a few people puke right there. Fun’s over…mid-terms about to start…time to study…gotta go.


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    um i still need to comment on the 'actual' blog postin..but the comments above need to g0o..! lol!...

  2. oh btw above comment is from me..dont know why its anonymous hahahaha..! dont get xcited..its justt me! :P lol!