Monday, March 06, 2006

At home we'll stay

We probably won't be going to GIKI this year. The seniors will go. And somehow I always knew it. They deserve it too. They have the credentials and the reputation. They have performed there before and have earned respect. Its their last year in college anyway. What have we done?? Just a skit? Sure we surprised everybody but we can't just compete against the giants. One of them has been doing stage/theatre for years now. And others have been performing for different TV/radio channels. And what if I was in their place? Wouldn't I expect the college to prefer me and my team over the rest? Especially taking the fact into consideration that this will be the last time for them? Surely we were wrong to expect anything. Still, all is not lost. We'll still be performing at IBA, Bahria and TIP. Since the seniors will go regardless of what we think or say, why not take it with good heart and wish them all the best. We're in the same college and will benefit from their success in the future. So seniors, good luck...and GIK....we'll see you next year ;)