Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Forgotten Reflections

I forget faces and names now. Something has changed. Sometimes I see my old friends from school. They look happy with the same old red Ninja Turtles lunch boxes and neat uniforms. And there still are days when I take some time out to recollect all those memories. I try to recall all of them with their full names and re-create events that never happened. They must’ve changed as well now…they must’ve grown up too.

Other times I see reflections of objects and people that aren’t really there. It happens when you have to hear an old, fat, boring professor talk about International Relations for a while. And I turn around and see a fat girl; lost in her own little world, and then noticing me through her peripheral vision with those wide brown eyes. I smile and look towards the teacher again, knowing that I’ll forget that face in a while, very unlike me…reflections can be so deceptive.

Sometimes it’s best to let go. Reflections, no matter how attractive they are, are after all, reflections, all depending on interpretations and perceptions (and a few more “shuns”). And if they’re authentic, you can’t touch them anyway. Try connecting your fingers in the near and yet so far.

Sometimes it’s just best to forget and move on. Sometimes it’s best to forget faces and names, to forget what you put your lifeblood into, how and where you met someone and how it made you feel. You can’t stop in the middle of the road and block all traffic. The light is orange, its time to get a move on, or risk being forgotten.

You blink and the world makes you pay.

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