Sunday, April 29, 2007


I remember the day we had "Karaoke Night"
when I followed the trail of this magical voice
coming from a corner in activity center
I decided to befriend him, never thought twice
Then there was this marketing class
where he cracked corny jokes
and the teacher kicked MY ass
it was great fun anyway
A memory that's bound to stay
And then came psychology
and along with it tons of tafree
the so-called combined studies in strife
where we discussed the philosophy of life
We chatted for long and put studies aside
though not without reference to that sick old man called Freud*
My friend knows all the tricks and trades
and uses his celebrity status to get good grades
We get along so nicely and think so much alike
If we were lost brothers, it wouldn't really strike
The only difference is that people think he's gay
so to satisfy that part of him, I'd have to say
Here I am Tahir, let me speak
I love you bitch...every day of the week**

*Freud is pronounced "Fried".

**Well, I had to rhyme it!

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