Saturday, June 23, 2007

That lovable hate list

I try not to judge people. But I can't help it if I discover their online presence before I actually get to meet them. And then I look at each and every thing they've written on their profile whether its Orkut, Facebook, a blog or whatever...I never really read it, but look at it like a picture. It really matters to me how people express themselves in written language. It tells a lot about them. How they use capital letters, punctuation, how much are they willing to disclose about themselves, what kind of people have they added to their profiles, how they use words to describe emotions, what kind of testimonials or public messages/scraps do they have, whether they say "haha" or "LOL", how good is their grammar, etc. I don't know if others notice this stuff...I'm a freak.

But I believe written language reveals the real you. I'm not sure if this is because of my own internal representations or what, but I believe I can feel people through their words. I form impressions of how they want to be perceived, what they want the world to know and what they have to show for themselves. I can almost feel their deepest fears and vulnerabilities in ways that can not be articulated. I can smell the early morning air right now and hear those birds who always seem to wake up on time. And yet here I am writing this without the slightest idea of what day/time/date it is. "It is overwhelming, to cautiously reveal your own revolting vulnerabilities and watch them being collected gently, even adoringly, into another part of you that some- one can find beautiful."

Hate is a strong word. I don't think I can hate anyone. Not permanently, at least. People are people. People are not their behaviors. Behaviors and people are different things. But the relation of people with their behaviors can never be denied. We end up associating feelings with people rather than their behaviors, we're not robots, its quite natural. So, there are behaviors that I hate, especially concerned with written expression...which implies that I "hate people" who:

  • Use capital letters inappropriately, without realizing how THIS MEANS YOU'RE SCREAMING!
  • Write romantic stuff to describe themselves.
  • In case of social networking, add up random people asking for their friendship. I mean how sad are you guys?
  • Use "nicks" to reveal their deepest secrets and still refuse to actually discuss them. I mean, is there a camera rolling on you or what? WTF!?
  • Use their passport or "modeling" photos as their display pics.
  • Say stuff like "You Rocks!" or "You suxxx"
  • Say "Hi too!" in reply to Hi! regularly.
  • Use photos with some silly Allama Iqbal like side-poses.
  • Write "cute na?" as a caption.
  • Start every sentence with the word "well".
  • Use "133t" speak.
  • Wear shades indoors and upload a complete photo session in the given circumstances.
  • Upload their shirtless photos and think they're attracting chicks. Think again, you're gay as in GAY and not as in happy.
  • Have ANYTHING to do with Star Plus or any Desi Soap for that matter.
  • Have "text pictures" on their profiles.

As the moderator of my school and college communities on Orkut and Facebook, I experience this shit everyday. I'm not saying this is how it should be or this is how the world should work. Its more a matter of opinion. I say all of the above mentioned people deserve to be exiled from civilized society. Such people shall be ignored and/or avoided by everyone who is or aims to be popular in college and have a life one day. I'm actually a bit surprised how the tone of this post has changed all of a sudden. Guess I'll go running, time to sleep.


  1. so what will you be thinkin if i comment here and on wonder....!

    anywayz u kind of sounded angry towards the end....n no comments except for ...'wow'..! :P or i mean 'whoa'...

  2. Lol! Ather, this is the first time I have been on your blog and I actually laughed out loud! I also check for grammer, spelling, and oddly placed "s's" at the end as well as bizarrely used capital letters - so don't worry, you are not a freak!

    Keep up the rants!

  3. Oh you mean grammAr ;)