Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Smallishness

Zoom out! Zoom out until the globe becomes a small tennis ball. And on the ball live billions of people. Walking, running, eating, smiling, laughing...crying, bleeding, screaming, dying...or worse, getting heartbroken.

You too lie on the ball...wondering how it revolves around you. But open your eyes and look at the ball. The realization will come. It doesn't.

And so who cares if you bleed? Who cares if you cry? It happens every day. It happens to millions everyday. Nobody will come to wipe your tears. You're the one who has to change, who has to move on. You're the one who will have to fight...and win.

Most of us are heroes in our eyes. And rightly so. For its this sense of security and achievement that gives us reason to live. Everybody you meet everyday must've suffered, must've seen sleepless nights. They must've put their blood, sweat and tears into something....and still lost. Never judge a book by its cover.

And now that its happening to you, zoom out. And look at that small green circular thing. Your pain will look small. You will feel silly. You will get up. You will smile. And with that shake of your head, you will move on. You will survive. You will live.

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