Monday, October 01, 2007

The Zombie Rhyme

Come to me, I'll accept you with open arms. Push me to the limit and I'll be blind to your charms. Then you can cry all you want in that dark corner of your room. Silly as hell you are and that's all I'd assume. I gave you a chance but now you're out of time. And that is why I write here the Zombie Rhyme. So you thought your words cut me like a knife? I'd say girl, seriously get a life! Sure I stay up all night, yes its true. I lose sleep for people, but only a few. I think this, I do that...I'm so damn confused. My anger is like a bomb, waiting to be diffused. My life is a mess, I'll have to admit. So with all due respect, I don't need your shit. What made you think you're so paramount? Cuz honestly I can sell you at a 90% discount. I made a promise, that with losers I won't be stuck. I've seen your ways, and sunshine you totally suck. I find you repulsive, the feeling is intense. So please buzz off now, offense.