Thursday, November 08, 2007

"...i wonder how many 20 year olds write blogs and diaries and notes every single day littered with the word love in it. i wonder how many glorify it when it is bullshit and how many think they have it when they dont. i wonder how many people feel obliged to love only because they hear he is in love with them, and then i wonder how many tell themselves every day they are soooooo in love maaaaan, because it makes them complete. i wonder how many people say they are in love because they feel beautiful when he is looking at them. or how many strongly believe this is love because they cant get over how beautiful she looks when the sun falls into her eyes. or how many think they are in love because heyyyy!this must belove because he isnt gorgeous and he isnt so terrific and yet i cant get enough of him.
and im sitting here wondering...i hate teen angst phenomenon.
and im sitting here telling myself I am above all of it. or past it. and im lying again. but i believe it. so dont point that finger at me...."

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