Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"How does it feel?"

You don't have to mention it again, thank you. No it is not necessary to bring it up again. Please don't, ever. Yes I know it seemed pretty funny to 40 odd people when I made history again today. And though its hard to believe, I found it funny too! You girls are useless, start exercising or something yaar! Pathetic reflexes I must say. I mean you could see the horror on my face as I was falling almost in slow motion. And I instantly knew its that time of the year when even my cheeks turn pink. I guess I took it pretty well though. Someone told me its not how bad you fall, but how long you stay on the ground. I got up all right! And gave you all an opportunity to laugh for 10 mins plus whenever you see me again. I guess there's something about this blue shirt. It always leads to an increase in my infamy. And somehow I end up liking it. Yes sir I'm fine and feel pretty amazing. I'm quite used to making an ass out of myself in public. Its been a while, yeah. And you know what's even cooler? Writing stuff that nobody really gets. Yeah baby, I rock...wooh!

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