Monday, November 26, 2007

My bad

So...its around 3:30 am. Gotta go to college tomorrow and I'm still up for no real reason. The artificially created insomnia continues. Just came back from the carnival at Askari 3 and it kinda sucked. First day after the mids tomorrow and I can feel the pressure of the finals already. Quite a few assignment submissions coming up. Went to this MBR focus group conducted at some coffee house this saturday night with Hasan. The coffee was great especially because it was free. That was fun, except for when we were leaving...cuz this girl in the group actually knew me from my HRM class and was a witness to the me-on-the-floor-with-my-legs-up episode. And I had to tell the rest of the gang about it then - again. What they didn't know was that that wasn't the only thing that happened that day. Later that night, when I was on a walk in front of Expo, a white Civic stopped in front of me. The person inside had wet, dark black hair, tons of kajal and make-up. "Cmon janu, get in the car! Cmon!" - it was a guy. Apparently someone very gay. I just kept walking to save my ass from being gang raped by these mysterious silhouettes in the car. It was when I discussed this with my friends in the neighborhood that I found out that its a norm at Expo at night. Just your presence over there means you're waiting to be picked up by someone like...that someone mentioned above. In short, its a statement and it says: I'M GAY & I WANT IT BAD. Yes I know it may surprise a few people but walking around expo at night is not recommended anymore if you're straight. And this was worse than that time when this weird guy with a pink cell phone came to me when I was waiting for a friend at KFC - Khayaban-e-Ittehad and asked me if I'm the guy from that commercial. I said John when he asked me my name and ran away. I suck when it comes to striking up conversations with homosexuals and pimps. I know.

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