Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I succumb to the blog again...whining about my mysteriously busy life. I have no idea where all my time goes. No one really knows. Right now I'm supposed to be doing this mammoth HRM assignment which has already been covered for the most part, thanks to my wonderful group in HRM. You guys rock. Thank you! Oh and there's this killer FI quiz tomorrow, gotta study for that too...the mids were very screwed up, more than half the class is failing. Not helping though is this terrible "headache in my head" in Meera's rhetoric (Also, please see: "The court is in your balls now").

Regardless of how uncool it may sound, I don't like eating out. No matter how delicious the food may taste, I can't help but notice the low level of hygiene in their kitchens (HAAN BHEI MAIN BOHOT ANGRAIZ HOON AUR SEAT-BELT BHI LAGATA HOON). But its ok as long as the conversation makes up for everything else. Unfortunately that wasn't the case today. And I hate arguing about shit that I hate arguing about! Bottom line, I hate arguments in all their forms and manifestations. I mean for crying out loud, why would anyone in their sane mind consider it gay to give respect to a woman? And if you didn't know why you don't have anyone but yourself to hang out with in college, now you so do. I know its good for a laugh but you people are the ones who should think about this, not me. I have no regrets, no insecurities and no confidence issues. I am not afraid of anyone or anything. And it is certainly not my problem if you refuse to move on and let your mentality grow beyond what it used to be in high school. I believe in giving genuine respect to each and every friend and acquaintance of mine and that's what I do, be it a guy or girl. I can't ignore them on my way to class just like I can't ignore you. It doesn't matter if I meet them twice a day or in years, I've made it a habit to eventually let go of whatever went wrong between me and them...cuz cmon, you only live once...there's no point in holding grudges. I know being the friend of all means having no real friends at all but I like meeting new people, I still hang out with the friends I made in 1989! And I'm sorry if you can't make new friends and claim to be "class conscious". Bullshit. I beg you to let go of the very basic primate style perception of the world. Stop being lucy hypocrites. To me, looks aren't important the way they used to be in my teens. I'm past it. Sure, I love crazy hair styles and find that don't-give-a-damn attitude to be a huge turn on. And the people who know me well actually understand what I mean when I say it, there's nothing complicated about it. Too bad you carry your x-ray vision with you all the time. Too bad you see every loosely dressed girl as a whore dying to get into bed with you...or may I say, even you. And that's the reason you walk alone and singing that song doesn't make you cool. Try to look into a girl's eyes instead of trying to see through her clothing, at least when you're in a conversation, one on one. And I know that EVEN YOU know I'm right cuz I know you well enough. Losing your dignity for the sake of winning an argument aint worth it my friends. And I'm sure every time you talk like that, something pinches you from the inside...cuz you know that there are women in your family too. I'm pretty damn sure none of you think or talk about them like that. And that's respect. moving beyond the basics and I wish you could exhibit that everywhere. And if you think I've got a crowd of girls around me all the time, I'm afraid you're mistaken, its only what you choose to see and I'd have to insist; You need to jump on a train that goes beyond tits and ass. Have a nice trip.


  1. Umm just a thought ... what was that about?

  2. An argument, a fight, lunch at foods club, some jerks...and of course, tits and ass.

    That's all I could recall...been a while.