Friday, January 16, 2009

The last few pages...

Soaked in rain and tears, they still smell like Burberry London. The words written on the last few pages of my notebook are now obscure, and sometimes when I'm alone and fail to surround myself with people, I try not to let my mind wander...but it happens. I remember asking you to close your eyes as I closed mine under that starry night sky when you first held my hand, I remember wishing I could stop time. I remember wishing I could feel like that forever. It was funny when you pointed out the tremble in my hand when your entire presence was shaky. There couldn't have been a better conversation where nobody said a word and yet nothing was left unsaid. I haven't forgotten anything, I can't see how I ever will. And when you had to go, I wish you had trusted me...that I could handle it. I wish you hadn't made me hate you. I wish you had believed me. Surrounded by secrets, mysteries and lies...Its sad to see the path you've chosen for yourself...I can't see you go there...So I'll just hide behind my notebook and obscure the words on the last few pages...but we both know its gonna end in tears for you. Its just that now only one of us cares about your tears. And its not me.

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