Saturday, June 13, 2009

A walk to remember

Prisoner to an endless cycle of internal decadence, if you lose your way then turn around and look for me when you're jilted. Follow the bread crumbs and pick up the trail to the misplaced castle of your lost dreams. Recollect the forgotten stories again and curse the murky depths of your memory for letting you down. Revisit your promises and the tears you shed for the very dream you left lifeless. The passage may look treacherous but trust me for once, it's safe. Don't let the screaming scare you. Don't let the tears haunt you. It's just the past...and even though it hates you with every inch of it's existence, it won't harm you. And along the way if you find some sleepless nights and words that won't be uttered again, please bring them back to me. They're homeless in your past. Don't wait for me at the gates. Leave that excess baggage and pick up my note from the ground without walking all over it this time. My words bleed and they led you here and now you know why. I'm not grieving for you. Back to your prison you go now, there's no way out.