Monday, September 14, 2009

Born to be wild??

The only thing worse than danger is invisible danger. It's a jungle out there, an apparently civilized one with animals as bad as man can get, hidden under coats and layers of make-up, designer clothes, and jewelery. And behind imperturbable facades, living examples of equanimity. And eyes that give away lies if not hidden behind dark sunglasses. It's all in the mind, and the Tube has owned it or rather pwned it. We have all been comprehensively mind-fucked by people sitting thousands of miles away comfy on the cheeks of their fat asses.

I don't know what the world feels today but I think there's an elevated sense of awareness around me. Call me paranoid but there's a feeling of being spoon-fed a bunch of lies everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner interspersed with random spells of wholesome bullshit during the mid breaks with ratings high enough to cause air traffic congestion. All this in the form of endless bombardment of advertisements inviting naive masses to chase illusions, and senseless soaps that never cease to amaze me but not as much as aunties who are hopelessly obsessed with the same cycle of events presented to them in a slightly different sequence with new faces and ever increasing vulgarity being slowly pumped in our veins and projected as the norm of the day.

But the biggest villains I see are a variety of news channels operating for the sole purpose of minting cash at the expense of our peace of mind and the image of this country we call Pakistan. It takes little observation to notice how they thrive on controversy manufactured by the so-called elite journalists of this country. And that's exactly what they're paid for: Senseless Pak-bashing and coming up with the craziest shit and making it look real. And the worst part is that they have fans, lots of them. There are people who believe them. Their stories leave an impact that can be felt when you go out on the street, or talk to your friends on the phone, or go to college, or observe how the people in public buses fight everyday (please see: Bus Kerdo Bus!). They can change perceptions when they want, topple governments, bring back useless Cheif Justices, give impetus to the thugs disservicing the noble profession of Lawyers and demonizing them once the job of removing the only sincere leader this country had had in decades is completed. And now fueling the trend of making fun of a President who must have heard John Milton when he said "Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven". Oh indeed, he is an incarnate of Lucifer himself and the news media can't really be blamed for that one. The guy talks about Democracy being the "best revenge", let me tell you in my opinion, a country like ours with less than 40% literacy and less than 20% real literacy can not handle "Democracy". Like I said, It's a jungle out there and we need a sincere leader with a big baseball bat (or maybe something a little more sophisticated) in his hands to deal with the unprecedented issues this society faces today with an aim to educate the masses first and inculcate some discipline in all of us and respect for this country so that the educated class does not use it as a platform to fly away to greener pastures. It's a long debate.

I don't know who or what to believe anymore. Let us all search for the truth and stop believing everything being shown on the idiot box. And I know the truth is out there. Let us all try to focus on things other than simply ourselves. And for that we need to take a day off, take a break from our capitalism infected lives devoid of any spiritual sense of existence. The day we begin to accept that we've become tools and robots for a system governed by sinister agendas contrived at a level unheard of, that will be a start.