Thursday, May 20, 2010


As a Muslim, I condemn the Facebook page asking everyone to draw caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a reaction to censorship of a South Park episode. There can be no justification for such an outrageous act designed to offend millions of people around the world. I also condemn other such pages scattered across the internet that are not on Facebook, but are extremely offensive to Muslims. But I do not support the "Boycott Facebook" campaign.

First off, I fail to get over the stupidity of many of my very own friends who, over the last few days, have helped this group gain immense popularity by posting links to it on countless profiles. I learned about this page around 3 weeks back when there were only a few hundred people on it. I closed it in disgust and forgot about it. But all of a sudden, links to this page were on everybody's walls thanks to a few over enthusiastic and emotional individuals who did not think for a second that they are actually helping the bad guy's cause. They gave the page creators exactly what they wanted: word of mouth, popularity, discussion, reaction, and a few days supply of laughter!

I've been getting requests to boycott Facebook for a limited period, and then what? You come back in a few days? I find this idea highly ridiculous. I want to remind everyone that the internet has become a global communications platform where people of every cast, creed and religion come to share their views. Some of these views may well be offensive to us but that does not mean we start burying our heads in holes like Ostriches (myth).

Based on the principle that Facebook has been banned on by the Govt, the obvious next step should be to ban Google since it makes offensive material elsewhere on the internet easy to find. And then what? Ban the rest of the internet since its impossible to monitor individual websites? It just doesn't make sense. We are the generation that has seen the birth and growth of the world wide web. By now, we should have understood that there is no other form of media as free, ungoverned and uncensored as the internet.

Someone with an evil mind can create such pages or events elsewhere on the internet just as easily under complete anonymity. What I don't get is that why do WE have to go out there and look for all the offensive material we can find? Why do WE have to share with our friends all the negativity we can gather from the internet where only a couple of you have hardly shared anything from the Quran or Hadees..EVER!? Is this a subconscious attempt to depict ourselves as pious and religious under peer pressure where most of us are actually products of Bollywood and Hollywood?

Today on May 20, 2010, I want to ask all Facebook haters a few questions. Where in our hearts is the respect of the Prophet when we are out there openly negating his teachings. When we go to parties and pretend to, or actually get drunk, and hope to get laid. When we openly lust over others' wives, daughters and sisters, when we proudly tell our friends how we got this hickey, when we wank off to porn, when we go out on "dates", when we stalk random chicks and stare at their photos for unusually long periods of time, when we miss our prayers without regret, when we lie, when we betray, when we accumulate Riba, when we go to represent our country abroad and try to hug Sarah Palin, where in our hearts is the love of the Prophet then? This is like saying "Hey! As long as we disrespect our Prophet, its ok. But if you do or say anything against Him, we'll ban and boycott you and your products". Don't you all find this a little ironic?...Because I seriously do!

How can we be so weak that anyone can piss millions of us off in minutes without any fear of repercussions and then make us a laughing stock in front of the entire world? Why do we give such issues so much importance where at the same time, many groups against Israel, USA, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism exist with a majority of Muslim members...and who gives a shit? Why do we find it so hard to reach that collective emotional maturity as a society to realize that we are ABOVE such petty acts of ignorance and intolerance. In my humble opinion, the enormous publicity this group got was through us. It was a pure display of JIHAALAT on our part where we made every possible effort to spread the message of this hater. We should have ignored this group started by some ignorant-little-freshly-hit-puberty teen and put our time to some better use, like maybe reflecting on our on lives and where we fail to follow the Prophet and openly disobey him. I've left plenty of hints above.

I've been called a blasphemer and reprimanded by many of my acquaintances who on regular days hang out with busty chicks they wish to squeeze and talk about it in public. I want to let all such hypocrites know that you fall under the JIHAALAT category I've mentioned above and I know how to deal with such cases effectively. Whether you like it or not, its time to grow up and face the facts. Not everyone will respect your beliefs on the internet and you can not go around being the police man. Use the "Block" option that Facebook offers and try not to search for more offensive material (because you will always find more) that may lead to irrational. irresponsible, and uncivilized behavior. Facebook has a population of around half a billion people and that group could only attract a little over 30,000 users (thanks to our massive publicity campaign) and many of these users are Muslims. That says a lot about how much support the group got even from non-Muslims.

Facebook is a great tool, the best in social media's history! I'm not going to let a few misguided individuals take it away from me. For all those who agree with me, please use anonymous proxies or download proxy software like Hotspot Shield to continue using Facebook until the ban is lifted. Those, who still want a ban on Facebook, maybe you guys should stop using computers all together.

May God help us all and may all the hypocrites realize that they are seriously uncool. Amen.