Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Claus & Great Claus - 1993

Once upon a time in 3rd grade, Obaid and I were sitting at the back, discussing some Michael Jackson song while this lesson called "The Little Claus & the Great Claus" was being taught. The English teacher, Ms. Asifa, saw us engrossed in irrelevant discussion and decided to punish us for it after proving our lack of interest. It went something like:

Teacher: You at the back! Why are you talking?

Monitor 1: Miss ye hamesha baatein kertay rehtay hain.

Monitor 2: Yes miss.

Teacher: Athar, Obaid...if you both know this chapter already, you better answer my questions correctly.

Monitor 1 & 2: Yes miss.

Teacher: Question 1 is for you Obaid. Tell me bla bla bla *don't remember the question*

Obaid: *Answers correctly*

Teacher: Ok Athar, now you tell me, what did the Little Claus do for the Great Claus?

Athar: Um..The Little Claus PLAYED for the Great Claus.

Monitor 1 & 2: Miss, he said PLAYED.

Teacher: The word is PLOUGHED.

Athar: Oops, I meant to say ploughed, sorry...

Teacher: No, you both need to understand the difference between the two words. Make two columns in your H.W copy and write both the words a 100 times.

Monitor 1 & 2: Yes miss.

Athar: Ok miss.

Obaid: You son of a ....

*The end*

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