Sunday, May 29, 2011


I remember going to class without an eraser, using saliva on my thumb to rub off the lines I wrote with pencil, that was nursery...I remember being given extra special treatment by Ms. Aisha...that was the 5th grade. I remember filling my first Dollar pen with black ink, Obaid gave it to me...that was the 7th grade....I remember miss Khilat banging my head against the wall, calling me ULLU KE PATHAY!!...that was 8th grade...I remember watching the 9th graders fight us seniors from the corridor with Muhammad Furqan, that was grade 10...I remember peeing in my pants :p ...that was nursery again, ahem :D ...I miss 1989-2001..I miss you all!!!!! ...How did we end up in 2011 all of a sudden? Where did time go? WTF!!!! :D

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