Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dreamy light brown eyes, I don't know what you want
The questions that you ask, the tears that you hide
Dreamy light brown eyes, all I know is that I've built
Some dreams around you, or at least I've tried

Dreams of having someone, who understands my smile
And who is there when I call
Dreams of having someone who knows what I'm thinking
When I say nothing at all

Dreamy light brown eyes, do you believe what I say?
When I say you're the one, do you think I lie?
Making fun of me when we're together
When lonely like me, I wonder if you cry

Dreamy light brown eyes, if not in this life then in the next
I'll make sure that you're mine
One day we'll be together, and brighter than stars
Our love will shine

So here's the truth, I can't sleep all night
And its not making me healthy, wealthy, or wise
But I know that I have no choice
For I'm in love with you, dreamy light brown eyes