Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deja vu

She sat right next to him, her shoulders rubbing against his. Even without any perfume, he could smell her. She smelled like the Jasmine heaven. She wanted to talk, but he didn't, for he was heartbroken. It was the closest she had ever come to him...and yet he felt like they were miles apart.
Although he wanted to tell her how much he cared about her and how much he loved her, he was afraid of being misunderstood, or of not being understood at all. He was afraid that the depth in his feelings would not be recognized and valued, maybe because in the past, those feelings belonged to someone else. He couldn't say a word.

The ride back home was long...they stayed quiet and he kept his eyes closed, looking away. Even though the car was full of people, it was the loneliest drive ever. And even though he knew he's on his way back home and the route is all too familiar, he couldn't ignore the overwhelming feeling of being lost.

He opened the door for her as she got out of the car and bid farewell in a low, formal tone. He watched her as she walked to the gates taking small, quick steps. He was secretly hoping that she would she would turn around and look back once, but it didn't happen. The air was filled with deja vu all of a sudden and a torrent of memories that had haunted him for years flashed back in front of his eyes, and by the time he snapped out of it...she was long gone.

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