Friday, July 22, 2011


Even though you're someone, who understands my smile
And you're always there when I call
Even though you're someone who knows what I'm thinking
When I say nothing at all

Dreamy light brown eyes, I believe what you
When you said you're not the one, I think you were right
Even then I was heartbroken
I pleaded and I cried

Dreamy light brown eyes, I belong with someone else
Be it this life or the next
You've chosen this, not me
I wish you all the best

May you find true happiness
I really hope, and pray I shall
When you feel lonely, just call me
Cuz you know I'm still your pal

But dreamy light brown eyes, I don't love you anymore
My feelings and my pain I have left behind
And its the truth when I say
You're out of my sight, you're out of my mind

Dreamy light brown eyes, now I know what you want
No more questions, nothing to hide
I want you to know, the dream is gone
As I disappear into the night

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