Monday, February 27, 2012

My World of Dreams

In my world of dreams, life is fair. People fall in love for the sake of love. Money is just a means to end, not an end in itself. People put morals, values, and principles ahead of their worldly desires. They don't have to fake success or happiness just so that people can see how cool they are. Individuals are valued on the basis of integrity, honesty, and sincerity. Not on the basis of what kind of car they drive, the watch they wear, or the house they live in.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Ad spend: Is Facebook Likely to Take Over Traditional Media in the Future?

In my humble opinion, yes. Here’s why:

Proctor & Gamble, the largest marketer in world, recently announced that it will be cutting 1600 non-manufacturing (mostly marketing related) jobs as the company re-evaluates its $10 billion ad spend and seeks to leverage the opportunities presented by digital advertising and social media. 

The announcement came after a late realization by the company that the return on investment on digital advertising and social media is much more efficient as compared to traditional media. P&G cited its recent Old Spice campaign as an example of social media’s effectiveness. The adverts went viral and received nearly 2 billion free impressions through Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks, resulting in a decision to fully exploit this untapped potential.

This change in advertising strategy, if successful, is likely to push rivals into following suit. Such is