Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Smelling the Coffee

They say that the greatest flaw of consciousness is that it makes us believe the world revolves around us, that we're the center of the universe. It makes us inherently self centered and selfish. Therefore, we often fail to look beyond our own beliefs, opinions, relationships, financial issues, success, sex, family, ego, and pride.

 Such an understanding of our existence keeps us shielded from the stark reality, the truth about our insignificance. It makes us forget the hundreds of billions of life stories lost before we even stepped on land. It makes us believe that the story of the universe is all about ourselves, and might even be our own personal story where others only play supporting  acts. It makes us ignorant, and at times, arrogant.

They say that schizophrenia is rare in individuals, but is common at a collective scale in societies. I believe mankind is just as capable of being delusional on a global scale. We don't realize that if the universe is a movie, then this cosmic speck of dust we call Earth is only a 5 minute commercial break, and the entire history of life can be summed up in a 10 second spot on this transmission.

By the time you finish reading this, thousands of people around the world will have died. Some naturally, while others of hunger, disease, accidents, in childbirth, natural disasters, wars, and some, by realizing that the world doesn't care, that there are bigger issues at hand, that they don't matter, that they're insignificant.

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