Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Peaceful Breakup

What time is it?

How can a few numbers contain all of time?...I can feel your lips. I'm still here.

I can see you. You're beautiful.

You always say that. It's all you ever say.

Now I know why your friends are so smart.

Catharine is not my friend. She's my doctor.

I knew that. But I didn't know it.

Sometimes I think she knows me better than you do.

Do I wanna know?

Probably not.

Because it's over?

She's just waiting for me to say it.

And what does she think of me?

She thinks I'm waiting for you to say it.

But instead, you wrote me this poem tonight, didn't you?

I knew we were going somewhere, and I didn't want it to be here.

Do you feel as relieved as I do?

All I think about is having an affair. I see them everywhere.

You never cheated on me?

There was a kiss. I stopped it. And then I was mad at you, that you didn't appreciate it, even though you didn't know about it.

A younger man?

No. Roger, that’s always been real. And I won’t even ask about you. I just know for a fact that you did not fall in love.

So what was wrong again?

You don’t like me.

I did...I really did.

 - From Mad Men

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