Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Truth Lies Here

War is an ugly thing. It destroys lives, property, and worst of all, history. It's ironic that most wars are fought in the name of defending "that which is right", and yet when the dust settles, the truth is lost. Each side goes back home, glorifying its "martyrs", it's remarkable stories of courage and valor, and an undisputed claim to victory. These stories trickle down into school textbooks, telling future generations a tailor made version of history, poisoning young minds with hatred and false ideas. And in no time, we have entire generations, entire nations that can see but are blind.

We are slaves of history, blindly following and defending that which has been fed to us. We are probably helpless  We are irrational by default. We are trapped in the cages of our own minds, too scared to break free and look for the truth, and neutrally listen to the other side instead of hunting for signs that only approve and confirm our preconceived notions and the ideas of our forefathers. Is it only a coincidence that almost every Muslim born in a Muslim family grows up to be a Muslim? The same applies to all other religions. And then they all are ready to defend, fight, and even kill for their faiths, their sects, their versions of the truth, for what "really" happened.

Every single day, we fail to see the bigger picture. If we begin to understand our built-in flaws as human beings, we might be able to breed more tolerance within our ranks. We might start making efforts to unite on whatever common ground we can find and put an end to this madness, this destruction of  hundreds of thousands of lives each year. We might even begin to understand that each reported death is more than a statistic. It was a person. It was a mother's child. It was a set of dreams, feelings, and emotions that has now been eliminated. The damage is irreparable. The person is irreplaceable.

We can keep our beliefs, but understand that others' beliefs are just as sacred and important to them. All of us are out there trying to defend our forefathers, our prophets, our war heroes, and our countries. History is not the truth, it is what your previous generations wanted the events to look like. The whole truth is lost forever. All you can do is pick your set of lies. Please go ahead, and be humble about it.

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